Permanent Press

The aim of Permanent Press is to bring to the attention of readers on both sides of the Atlantic the work of significant emerging poets as well as internationally-known poets, writers and artists from Britain and North America. Permanent Press books are designed to accommodate the poem-sequence or series of related poems, as well as combinations of poetry and art which display an integral, non-illustrative correlation between the two, and to make this work available in inexpensive and well-produced editions.

The press was started in the USA in 1972 as an imprint to issue poetry broadsides and was re-established after the editor’s move to London in 1974. Recent additions to the list reflect an interest in collaborative work between poets and artists. The Press has co-published several titles with Oasis Books and S-Editions, and distributed The Atlantic Review.

Most earlier titles are now out-of-print and command high prices on the internet, though a few are available in limited numbers, along with back issues of Ninth Decade and Tenth Decade, the magazine co-edited by the editors of Oasis, Permanent Press, and Shearsman in the 1980s and 90s. A very limited number of archive editions of all published titles, most of which are numbered and signed and bound in heavy card or hardbound, are available in complete sets only. Please enquire for details and prices. Permanent Press books are distributed in the UK by the Press,, and in the US by SPD - Small Press Distribution,