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Douglas Gunn

From “Two Sisters”

Two sisters, and they’re standing and waiting on the porch of their house together for their brother, to go with him. First sister has on a leather jacket, suede jacket, burgundy with rawhide for a leather fringe and drops a cigarette butt and she grinds it out with her heel – the porch is painted cement and there’s a little sunlight, chipped paint down there and this is where she grinds it, and the red from her lips. She keeps shoving her hands in her pockets or looking at her watch. The other, older one is disgusted, by all this: looking away from her and down the street and she gets a look on her face, from that damn kid, out in the yard and doing something that she can’t see what it is. The time he set the pile of garbage on fire out there, and it makes her want to shake her head or she gets peevish.

© 1991 Douglas Gunn

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