Leaping Down to Earth
Robert Vas Dias
Images by Stephen Chambers and Tom Hammick

After Tom Hammick, Ferry, 2008, edition variable soft ground etching

Which is moving, the quayside
or the ferry as it slips
into night taking him

to the other side, another island
dimly seen, the familiar outlines
of where he’s been with her

always in his mind, senses awakened
by obscure scents eddying
between drift and direction

lassitude and necessity always
aboard or ashore, the nearer
to one the further from the other

but never far from either.

What is moving is his heart
his head in that other place
over the water, demarcation

between the solitary and conjoined,
view of misty shapes of the unreal
city arising at water’s edge

slowly approaching vita nuova
city of shameless desires
anticipated and enacted

for a time, and then the return
across the water to that other
world of works and days.

© 2008 Robert Vas Dias

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